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Sustainable Refractory Industry Need to Be "Green"
Posted: 04/26/2016 05:28:31  Hits: 56
At present, Europe, Japan, the United States and other countries and regions have basically stopped using chrome refractory due to the government mandatory. The use of green refractory materials has become a trend. In the future, the cement kiln refractory can benefit from the advocacy of green energy conservation and environmental protection policy. In terms of cement kiln, magnesium aluminate spinel, magnesium iron spinel and magnesium iron spinel brick has been largely put into use in many zones, meeting or exceeding the service life of the magnesite chrome brick, so they can completely replace the magnesite chrome brick, obviously decreasing the chrome pollution.
In an era with increasingly scarce resources, a new type of green environmental protection and energy saving product has become the aim of the development of refractory materials(ceramic fiber blanket, ceramic fiber bulk, ceramic fiber paper, ceramic fiber board, etc.). China Association of Refractory also thinks the development of the refractory material will present new characteristics. Its foundation is to improve the product quality and application level, and the key is to increase or to strengthen the new connotation, namely, energy conservation, environmental protection and low carbon. The basic development direction of refractory is independent innovation, scientific design and application, green and integrated production and application, consumption reduction and resources friendly, promoting the research and development. Among them, The innovation direction of cement industry is chromium-free chemical and energy saving. The understanding of the concept of green refractories should be under the guidance of systematic concept and overall consideration.
For refractory material industry, it should consider things in scientific and systematic way ranging from raw material preparation to production, construction, application and post-processing aspects. And the refractory enterprises should avoid thinking things in confined ways. They should think overall strategy and start from small steps, facing the reality and focusing important issue. The user, producer, researcher and developer should all cooperate and coordinate together. As an enterprise, it should do more to cooperate with scientific research colleges and universities, increasing the intensity of production-teaching-research combination, and seeking the breakthrough in the green refractory.

Sustainable Refractory Industry Need to Be "Green"