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The Trend of Refractory Industry
Posted: 01/29/2016 09:01:38  Hits: 165
For the entire human race and a country, reuse of resources, the use of renewable resources is an important factor for sustainable development. For an industry, in addition to the above factors, it also need to constantly pop up new ideas to achieve sustainable development. The following points are worth our effort to promote the develepment of ceramic fiber industry.
1, explore new thought for the development of new material system.
Like introducing graphite to refractory, a correct new way of thinking will form a new system of material. We have yet to find a new breakthrough in the coming years.
Oxide and nitride composite has been researched for nearly 20 years, yet we could not see promising application prospect for other material except silicon nitride combined with silicon carbide. The application of nano powder is still in its early stages, and application scope is limited. In the future, we should still strengthen the basic research and discipline cross to seek effective new way of thinking.
2, develop new functions for refractory material.
Refractory industry in recent years is showing a outlook of less production. That is because its single function and goal. Refractory is made for resisting high temperature and erosion; however, it enjoys a longer life with less production. If refractory industry plans to get rid of this situation, it needs to develop new functions besides longevity, such as setting a new target.
3, try to learn new knowledge from other disciplines and mature experience.
Many refractory technology developments are achieved by learning the experience of other disciplines and technologies, such as pouring material many of whose technologies and theories are from concrete.
4, in addition, some other new technologies in recent years should be considered to apply in refractory material.

The Trend of Refractory Industry