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Main Drive for Refractory Fiber Industry
Posted: 04/27/2016 11:11:54  Hits: 56
Refractory material is the basic material of many areas such as steel, nonferrous metals and building. It is an essential part of high temperature industrial materials. The development of high temperature industrial technology has promoted the transformation of refractory. The technology innovation of refractory industry has also played a vital role in related industrial development. Development of refractory industry has been transformed from scale efficiency to scientific and technological innovation efficiency.
Now more and more enterprises focus on independent innovation and personnel training. At the same time they speed up the manufacturing-learning-researching cooperation and promote the refractory technology innovation and technology progress. The refractory material industry aims to rely on technology to promote product optimization and make it greener and more energy saving, which requires refractory step into the track of scientific and technological innovation as soon as possible, to realize the change from production country to the technology power. Under new economic situation, the development of industry not only rely on the transformation and upgrading, improvement on equipment and technology to achieve intelligent, specialized production or services, reducing production costs, improving labor productivity, it also has to rely on technical innovation, using green refractory material, strengthening technology innovation and integration, cultivating new talents, further promoting product quality and stepping forward with high temperature industry.
In order to take advantage of innovation of science and technology to promote the development of bio-soluble fiber industry, we should vigorously promote independent innovation of science and technology, firmly grasp the strategic opportunity in a new round of world science and technology revolution, pay more attention to scientific and technological innovation, speed up the independent innovation ability of science and technology, speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into realistic productivity, speed up the construction of grand of innovative talents of science and technology and shape long-term competitive advantage for the industry to provide powerful technology support for the development of transformation.
We should attaches great importance to the application of new techniques, new technology, new raw material and renewable resources in the process of design and manufacture of refractory. We can make a better use of new technology to develop new energy saving and environmental protection technique, reducing the use of environmental polluting materials, and promoting a healthy environment friendly industry.

Main Drive for Refractory Fiber Industry