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Scientific Innovation Drives Refractory Industry Development
Posted: 07/19/2016 03:06:24  Hits: 23
Refractory material is a main base material in such these areas of steel, non-ferrous metals and construction materials. It is also an important backing material of the essence in high temperature industry. The technological development in high temperature industry promotes the innovation of refractory material.

The scientific innovation of Refractory industry is playing an irreplaceable part in its relative industries development. The industrial development of refractory material has been converted from scale benefit-oriented style into scientific innovation benefit-oriented style, there are an increasing number of enterprises paying attention to the independent innovation and the talents cultivation, meanwhile, accelerate the industry-study-research cooperation, in order to advance the technological innovation and progress.

Now new goal of refractory industry is to realize the production optimization by technology, to achieve production manufacturing in green environmental friendly and energy conservation which would require the industry to be stepped on the way of scientific innovation driven as soon as possible, so as to achieve the transmission from an international production country into a powerful technology country. Under the new phenomenon of economy, it is not enough for the industrial development to have transformation and upgrading, be elevated in equipment, achieve intelligence by transforming process, have specialized production and services, reduce production costs and raise labor efficiency, it is more important to rely on  technological innovation for implementing green refractory development, strengthen technology innovation and cooperation, cultivate new-type talents, be more stable in production quality, make a mutual improvement with high temperature industry.

In order to take advantage of scientific innovation for promoting the growing of refractory industry, there are some useful actions in the following:

First of all, vigorously promote independent innovation of science and technology, firmly grasp the strategic opportunity a new round of world science and technology revolution offers, pay attention to scientific innovation, strengthen the ability of independent innovation in science and technology, speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into realistic productivity, expedite the construction of grand innovative talents team of science and technology, to help industry possessed with long term competitive advantage, provide a powerful technology support for the development of transforming.

Attach a great importance to the application of new technology and new process. Increase the applying of new technology, new material and renewable resources in the process of refractory production and design, make an use of new technology to exploit new material which is energy saving, environmental friendly, become an alternative material to reduce environmental pollution, to drive the industry in a healthy and environmental development.

Secondly, apply the value-added services which is technology core as the main direction of increasing market shares and profitable gaining, strengthen the close cooperation with users, be attention to study on the applied technology, make users feel they are not only buying the products, but also receive technical services, so as to achieve the value-added services with technological core for users.

Thirdly, specific to downstream users needs in new technology, new process and new products, doing research on refractory material, providing better services, developing refractory materials science innovation driven by users demand. 

At present, the refractory industry development faces multiple trials and challenges, so it needs to be strengthened in science innovation ability, transform the simple refractory of the past to be multiple functional, more energy saving and environmental protection and efficient position. Try to deal with the problem in resources rationally collocates and industrial concentration during the industry development, hold the opportunity of industrial structure adjustment, developing the advanced green refractories with high efficiency and intelligence, and environmental energy saving, driven by scientific innovation to contribute to high temperature industry, becoming the backbone industry in the new century.

Scientific Innovation Drives Refractory Industry Development