The characteristics of ceramic fiber felt
Posted: 01/25/2017 11:56:34  Hits: 11
Ceramic fiber felt adopting blowing-fiber-forming ceramic fiber cotton as raw material is produced by the vacuum forming process. It is a lightweight, pliable refractory fiber insulation material. Besides good performance of bulk ceramic fiber cotton, ceramic fiber felt also has great strength and flexibility, which is a multifunctional product.

Ceramic fiber felt is apply to expansion joint and high temperature gasket of kiln and boiler wall. When it’s used as gasket, it can be apply to the bottom sealing of steel ingot, stopper core gasket and aluminum casting gasket due to its good resistance to molten metal penetration.

The characteristics of ceramic fiber felt:

1. Low thermal conductivity and heat capacity.

2.Excellent chemical stability.

3. Excellent thermal stability and thermal shock resistance. 

4. Good sound absorption.

5. Soft texture and elastic.

6. Easy to construct, cut and machining.

ceramic fiber felt