Refractory Bio-Soluble Fiber Module
  • Refractory Bio-Soluble Fiber Module
  • Refractory Bio-Soluble Fiber Module
Short Description
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Buy Refractory Bio-Soluble Fiber Module from Super Refractory Fiber Manufacturer, excellent insulation performance and integrity of furnace lining.

Key Specifications / Features

Model: SPE-STMK.

Super Refractory Bio-soluble fiber module adopts high-quality Super Bio-soluble fiber blanket (BioFiber ALT), being folded and compressed to certain storage. It is a new type of refractory furnace lining products aiming at simplifying and speeding up furnace construction and improving the integrity of furnace lining, can be directly fixed on the anchor of steel plate.

* Excellent flexibility, no gap after installation.
* Excellent insulation performance and integrity of furnace lining.
* High safety with anchor, simple operation.
* Low thermal conductivity and heat storage.
* Excellent thermal and physical stability.
* The classification temperature: 1050℃, 1260℃.

* Heat recovery steam generator and duct lining in power industry.
* Insulation lining of kiln in ceramic, glass industry.
* Insulation lining of heat treatment furnace. 
* Burner blocks, induction furnace covers.
* Insulation material for the furnace lining in the fields of metallurgy, petrochemical, construction and machinery.

Technical Index:
1050 1260
Operation Temperature℃ <750 ≤1100
DensityKg/m3 220
Permanent Linear Shrinkage % 900℃X24H≤-1 1100℃X24H≤-1
Thermal Conductivity
Size(mm) 300×300×200
or as customers’size
Packing Carton or Woven Bag
Quality Certificate Test Report from DIFK,EN1094-1, MSDS
ISO9001-2000, ISO9001-2008,GBT3003-2006 

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