Refractory Bio-soluble Fiber Felt
  • Refractory Bio-soluble Fiber Felt
  • Refractory Bio-soluble Fiber Felt
Short Description
 Model No.: SPE-GF-STJZ/SPE-GF-STB    Hits: 171
Buy Refractory Bio-soluble Fiber Felt from Super Refractory Fiber Manufacturer, good sound absorption, low thermal conductivity and shrinkage.

Key Specifications / Features


Our Super Refractory Bio-soluble Fiber Felt is produced by the Bio-soluble fiber bulk (BioFiber ALT) with certain percentage inorganic bond, through advanced mechanical spin and solidifying technics and the most advanced production control technics. 

* Low thermal conductivity, low heat storage and low thermal shrinkage.
* Excellent thermal and chemical stability and good resistance to corrosion.
* Good sound absorption.
* Excellent tenacity, easy to cut, handle and install.
* The classification temperature: 1050℃, 1260℃.

* Refractory lining for industry furnaces wall, roof, door.
* Back-up insulation for castable, brick and monolithic refractory.
* Barrier against heat or flame.
* Combustion chamber liners, boilers and heaters.

Technical Index:
Classification Temperature ℃ 1050 1260
Operation Temperature ℃ <750 ≤1100
Density Kg/m3 Roll Felt: 70/100/130;Flat Felt: 100/130/160/200
Permanent Linear Shrinkage % 128 Kg/m3 750℃X24H≤-3 1100℃X24H≤-3
Tensile Strength Mpa
(128 Kg/m3)
Size(mm) Roll Felt: 7200×600×25,3600x600x50;  
Flat Felt:400×600×40-200,
or as customers' size
Packing Carton or Woven Bag
Quality Certificate Test Report from DIFK,EN1094-1, MSDS
ISO9001-2000, ISO9001-2008,GBT3003-2006

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