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Ceramic Fiber Current Situation and Prospect Analysis
Posted: 11/13/2015 02:27:59  Hits: 293
Ceramic fiber insulating refractory materials are widely used in all kinds of furnaces, and due to its bulk density is much lower than other refractory material, so it has small heat storage, which can greatly reduce the thermal kiln energy loss. In the aspect of energy it has brought a revolution for furnaces. On the other hand its application technology and method of thermal furnace masonry also gives the industry a revolution.
Ceramic fiber first appeared in 1941, and in the late 1940s, two American companies produced series of aluminum silicate fiber, and applied in the aviation industry for the first time; in the 1960s, the United States developed a variety of ceramic fiber products and used in industrial furnace wall lining. Its production started in China in the 1970s, and its application technology in the 1980s got rapid promotion, but the main range of applicable temperature is under 1000 ℃ and its application technology is relatively simple and backward.
Entering the 1990s, with the application of containing zirconium fiber and polycrystalline alumina fiber, using temperature is increased to 1000℃ ~ 1400℃, but due to the product quality defects and backward application technology, its application field and application methods are limited. For example, polycrystalline alumina fiber cannot be made into fiber blanket with single product specifications, which is given priority to loose cotton and fiber blocks, although the temperature is increased, the intensity is very poor, which limits the scope of use and shortens its service life. Containing zirconium fiber is a widely used and low cost aluminum silicate fiber made of melting method, which can be used as building lots kinds of thermal furnace the heat surface of whole fibers liner. The quality and application development of current domestic products is still relatively backward. Now in the overseas there appears chrome fiber, whose temperature is higher than containing zirconium fiber, but China has no report for it.
Although ceramic fiber for high temperature adiabatic refractory plays an important role in the field of high temperature industry, but there are a lot of production defects, especially it has inhaled ability, which has certain harm to the environment and the human body. Some enterprises abroad restrict the use of amorphous ceramic fiber. At present, a kind of biological solubility amorphous ceramic fiber insulating refractory material appears in the market, the super fiber (siO2 - CaO - department of MgO style ceramic fiber) is a pollution-free environmentally friendly material. The trend of ceramic fiber products in the future production is in the direction of pollution-free, refinement and multifunction change, especially in using new technology and new material, the preparation of the functional sex of the high-tech and high value-added fine ceramic fiber, whose production rate will bigger.

Ceramic Fiber Current Situation and Prospect Analysis