Inorganic Ceramic Fiber Insulation Materials
Posted: 12/07/2015 02:04:30  Hits: 204
This technical article introduces something about inorganic ceramic fiber insulation material, including its definition, features and so on.

What is inorganic ceramic fiber insulation material?
It is a kind of white fiber pasty fluid, which will become a microporous reticulated structure thermal insulation layer after being dried. It is applied to the insulation of various valves, pipes and other thermal equipment, as well as cold insulation, sound absorption and fireproofing of central air conditioning pipe and wall.

1. It is applicable to cold and hot spraying, which is between -40℃―860℃ temperature. It has no joint and is flexible.
2. It is light and do not need tied up. This material is also non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-pollution.
3. Long service life. It can be used for 6-7 years, while others have only 5 years life.
4. Excellent heat insulation effect. It adapts closed microporous reticulated structure, which can effectively prevent heat exchange.

Inorganic Ceramic Fiber Insulation Materials