Aluminum Silicate Fiber Paper
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Hot melt glass is also called thermal stereo sound-absorbing mould glass or fired mold glass. Through special hot furnace, to heat plate glass to molten state (heating temperature is 750 ), and add some paint to make glass form naturally or in accordance with the molding of various forms and three-dimensional design. It boasts precious art value, and has sound-absorbing characteristic.
Heat furnace set specific heating curve and annealing curve. If conducted inappropriately, hot melt glass may lead to cold exploding. Close joint of two kinds of material with heat treatment can also lead to different heat bilges cold shrink, which affect each other. So hot melt glass processing mould must be of good quality. Selection principle generally follows the two points: one is to use high temperature resistant without thermal expansion change material, to take off the film heat insulation gasket, hot melt glass insulation paper chooses such as ceramic fiber cotton, ceramic fiber insulation board, etc.; The second is to use and were small expansion coefficient of glass material, such as ceramic fiber paper, cast iron stainless steel, etc. Ceramic fiber paper obviously than cast stainless steel is more suitable for hot melt glass mould.
For hot melt glass mould is large, we called ceramic fiber paper ejection mould to the film insulation gasket, hot melt glass heat insulation paper. The film insulation gasket, hot melt glass heat insulation paper have a certain flexibility and tensile properties, heat resistance above 1000 , and has certain stays. It can use high-purity ceramic fiber paper to make various forms according to customer needs, and it has good fireproof and heat insulation effect. It can direct contact with the flame.
It is produced by ceramic fiber and a small amount of combination of agent production with scientific and strict control. Through the layer splicing, mechanical cutting process, such as binder and use process is completely burned. It is mainly used for high temperature field of insulation, advanced production technology. The fiber distribution is very uniform and the thickness of the paper and the volume density could be strictly controlled.
Demould insulation gasket, hot melt glass insulation paper product features:
1. Low thermal capacity, low thermal conductivity
2. Excellent electric insulation performance
3. Excellent machining performance
4. High strength and resistance
5. High flexibility
6. Low content of slag ball
7. Sound-absorbing effect is good
8. Long service life
The film insulation gasket and hot melt glass heat insulation gasket paper product application:
1. Industrial insulation, sealing, anti-corrosion materials
2. Electric equipment insulation, heat insulation material
3. Equipment, electrical components of the insulation
4. Auto industry insulation expansion joint filler material
5. Isolation (prevent sintering materials)
6. Molten metal gasket
7. SCR catalyst module thermal insulation material
Aluminum Silicate Fiber Paper