Vacuum Molding Ceramic Fiber Board
  • Vacuum Molding Ceramic Fiber Board
  • Vacuum Molding Ceramic Fiber Board
Short Description
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Buy Vacuum Molding Ceramic Fiber Board from Super Refractory Fiber Manufacturer, smooth surface, accurate size & density, high resistance to press.
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Key Specifications / Features

Model: SPE-SF-CGB.

Super ceramic fiber board is made from super ceramic blown fiber bulk with inorganic and suitable organic binders through vacuum molding and microwave furnace drying and formation. In the process of heating application, the organic binder will be volatilized at the temperature 250-350℃, after volatilization, the board is pure white.

* Smooth surface, accurate size, even density.
* High resistance to press and wind corrosion.
* Excellent thermal and chemical stability.
* Excellent tenacity, easy to cut.
* Low heat storage, low thermal conductivity, low shrinkage, excellent insulation effect.
* Good erosion resistance.
* Easy application, can be used in direct contact with flame.
* The classification temperature: 1050℃, 1260℃, 1360℃, 1450℃.

* Back-up lining material of high temperature industry furnace.
* Hot-face lining of ceramic kiln, heat treatment furnace and other industry kilns.
* Back-up insulation for castable, brick and monolithic refractory.  
* Barrier again heat or flame.

Technical Index:
Type (Board) SPE-SF-CGB  
Temperature ℃
1050 1260 1360 1450
Operation Temperature ℃ <850 ≤1000/1100 <1200 ≤1350
Density Kg/m3 240/280/320/400  
Permanent Linear Shrinkage %
280 Kg/m3
900℃X24H≤-2.5 1100℃X24H≤-2 1200℃X24H≤-2 1350℃X24H≤-2
600℃ 0.080-0.085 0.086-0.087 0.083-0.085 0.083-0.085
800℃ 0.112-0.116 0.106-0.108 0.101-0.105 0.101-0.105
Size(mm) L400-2400mm×W300-1200mm×T10/100mm  or as customers’size
Packing Carton or Thermal plastic
Quality Certificate ISO9001-2000     GBT 3003-2006      MSDS

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