The Advantages of Tunnel Kiln and Refractory Cotton
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Tunnel kiln and ceramic fiber bulk are widely used in construction. Here we illustrate some advantages of them.
The advantages of tunnel kiln:
1. Continuous production, short cycle, large output and high quality.
2. Using the counter-current principle, high heat utilization rate and economical fuel. Because the good performance of heat preservation and waste heat utilization, so it is fuel saving.
3. Shorter sintering time. Big kiln may need a few days, while the tunnel kiln can be completed in a few hours.
4. Labor saving. It is easy to operate in fire and the operation can be outside the kiln, improveing the working conditions of operating personnel, and reducing the labor intensity.
5. Improve the quality. The temperature of preheating, sintering and cooling are often kept in a certain range, so it is easy to grasp its firing rule, and the quality is better, with less breakage.
6. Kiln and kiln furniture are durable. Because it will not be affected by thermal shock, it obviously prolongs the service life of kiln body. Generally, it only needs to be repaired in five to seven years.
The advantages of ceramic fiber bulk:
1. High cost performance, construction cost no more than brick structure.
2. Long service life, stable material composition, stable service life reaching 5-10 years, saving the maintenance cost and strengthen the use cycle.
3. Obvious energy conservation effect. A conventional tunnel kiln can save coal of 100-100 tons a year, reducing costs, increasing profits and competitiveness.
4. Low density: 75% lighter than the light insulating brick lining and 90% to 95% lighter than lightweight castable lining. Using fiber lining can greatly reduce furnace steel structure of the load and prolong the service life of the furnace body.
5. Resistance to thermal shock, and will not be damaged due to the opening and closing of the boiler.
6. Simple construction: the construction process needs no expansion joint, construction personnel can operate with basic training, technical factors has little influence on insulation effect.
7. Need no dryoff oven: it can be put into use when lining construction completed, without the oven process.

The Advantages of Tunnel Kiln and Refractory Cotton