Introduction of Ceramic Fiber Paper and something to Remind
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The producing technology, application and the advantages of ceramic fiber paper are basically similar to the glass fiber, but better than glass fiber with higher temperature and corrosion resistance. Ceramic fiber paper is a kind of fibrous lightweight refractory, with light weight, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, specific heat and small mechanical shock resistance and other advantages. So in machinery, metallurgy, chemical, oil, ceramics, glass, electronics and other industries, it is widely used. Ceramic fiber paper is a kind of refractory, and it is a kind of fire-proof material which is made from high purity refractory fiber, and is used for the field of high temperature insulation.
Ceramic fiber products are with excellent heat resistance. The continuous using temperature of aluminum silicate reinforced by heat-resisting alloy can reach 1000 degrees. It also has excellent resistance to acid, oil and water corrosion.
Ceramic fiber product also has resistance to the erosion of aluminum zinc and other non-ferrous molten metal, and it has excellent high temperature strength. The thermal conductivity make the products with excellent heat insulation performance and good electrical insulating performance. It is non-toxic, harmless, and has no adverse effects on environment with excellent tensile strength performance.
Shandong Guangming Super Refractory Fiber Co., Ltd. remind users that any kind of ceramic fiber paper gaskets should meet the following features when used in harsh environment, in order to ensure the effective seal for a long period of time:
1. Air tightness of gasket: for medium of sealing systems, gasket shall not leak in the recommended temperature and pressure.
2. Compressibility of gasket: the gasket and flange should coincide well after the bolts have been fastened to ensure the seal.
3. Creep resistance of gasket: the gasket should enjoy good creep resistance when influenced by pressure load and temperature. Otherwise it will cause the bolt torque loss, leading to the stress loss of the ceramic fiber paper gasket surface and then the leak of the system.
4. Chemical resistance of gasket: gasket should be immune from the chemical media corrosion, and it shall not corrode medium.
5. Gasket resilience: even in the case of system stability, the two connecting flange will surely displace a little due to the influence of temperature and pressure. The elasticity of the gasket should be able to make up for the displacement function, to ensure the tightness of the system.

Introduction of Ceramic Fiber Paper and something to Remind