• 1000T Ceramic Fiber Board Production Line
  • 1000T Ceramic Fiber Board Production Line
Short Description
 Model No.: ALT-BSB-SF-LXS-1000    Hits: 319
1000T Ceramic Fiber Board Equipment from Super Refractory Fiber Company can produce ceramic fiber board with density 200-350kg/m3, 10-100mm thickness.

Key Specifications / Features

Model: ALT-BSB-SF-LXS-1000.

PLC and DCS controlling system.
Continuous production process.
Microwave oven dry technics.
1260 and 1430 grade ceramic fiber board.
Density 200-350kg/m3 ceramic fiber board.
Thickness 10mm to 100mm ceramic fiber board.

Process Description: 
The raw material is blown ceramic fiber bulk, which is easier to cut, distribute and to distribute glue evenly. The ceramic fiber bulk need to chop, cleanout, filtrate shot, to reach the required length of board production technics, so that the fibers can be distributed into the slurry pool evenly.

In the process of mixing fiber slurry, it needs workers to fill the fibers, matched glue, additives and mix them evenly; then to remove the shot by the water scummer many times, and transport the slurry to the storage slurry pot, for the use of forming machine.

The drying furnace use the composite hot wind drying device, to dry and shape the product; After dry and shape, the products are delivered to the cutting device with the measuring length instrument for cutting; At last, for quality control and packing, the finished products are sent to the warehouse for dispatching.

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